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3rd Parties on Games

I don't understand how 3rd Parties like Fyber and that can create offers for free platinum.

But, when you complete the offer and don't get the Platinum, they can only be contacted via Email, no telephone number and can easily ignore you and that didn't anything you can do.

Isn't that like False Advertising? I'm trying to gain a little perspective.

Re: 3rd Parties on Games

Do not use NativeX. NativeX only works for small platinum offers like install and run. If you do some long offer for more platinum on NativeX, you will not receive your reward and there is literally NO WAY to contact their support team.

Fyber is decent. The only problem I have with them is that sometimes they send the platinum to the wrong account that I started the plat offer on.

Re: 3rd Parties on Games

These things are never foolproof on any game, Apple and Googles privacy changes a while back have also made it less reliable.

We are doing a full review of these suppliers so may remove less reliable ones and along with a technical project we're working on at our end hopefully we'll see some improvement on cases where there are issues receiving plat. The broader technical project is going to be time consuming though (it's not related to these offers but may be beneficial) so don't expect immediate results.


Re: 3rd Parties on Games

I found it helpful to consider how the services work:

- you download the app, the app knows you downloaded it as per the ad service
- you reach a certain event (Level 10 Town Hall) that triggers the ad completion
- the app contacts the ad service
- the ad service gives you plat

As the user, the most important step here is the second one: triggering the trigger. There are various variables that can get lost, temporary data that may be necessary, who knows how the app manages the ad service requests... Your only job is the trigger the trigger in the simplest way possible. All you know is that the app has been tested to work before with the ad service, so if you follow the steps, don't rush anything, don't restart the app, and go through it as though you are trying not to mess anything up, you should get your plat no problem.

I used to lose plat from offers all the time, ever since I started taking it as though I were the developer proving to NativeX that the app works, I've had no issues.
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