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Fashion suits: real black suit please

So the suits in the tavern have been there since the beginning of Celtic Heroes as we all know and i think it needs a little update or new colors, specifically black needs a update because its not really black, its like a dark shade of blue. It should be like the females dress, actual black and a gold secondary color, and that's just 1 suit, they could all be updated to match the graphics of today.

Re: Fashion suits: real black suit please

I have a yellow Rodair set stashed somewhere. It looks more like dirty green. Maybe the color was deliberately shifted because the set has a fixed yellow lining across all colors. In this case those linings and patterns should have a 2nd alternative contrasting color. That means if a set has fixed black linings and patterns, it must also have another brighter color as backup.
And once again, recolor silver horse battle mount pls.

Re: Fashion suits: real black suit please

Sooo OTM gonna respond to this? Variation to fashion available in game needs to be added, well more variety anyways. We've had the same suits since 2012, 6 years is a long time to not get any new colors... you could change up multiple parts of the current suits, just alter colors. But leaving something unchanged for 6 years in an mmo is kinda insanity to me. Such a simple fix, and added feature, so can we get an answer OTM?
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