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Old Player Coming Back...Where to Begin?

Hey guys,

I randomly decided to download the game again and BOY has it changed. I gave all my stuff away about four years ago, so I really don't know how'd even get started again. Don't even have my Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation anymore. :( I'm lvl 130 with frozen astral for reference.

If I were to start playing again, what do you guys recommend I do? I hardly recognize the game anymore.

Re: Old Player Coming Back...Where to Begin?

Whoa, you have so much to catch up on!

First off I would say catch up on the story quests, loads of them to do now and they would greatly help you starting again.
Bounty Board! Up to 6 daily quests with XP and gold rewards, plus tokens for our new mounts and pets!
Give fishing and cooking a try, sell what you make and catch or use it on your quests.
Tons to do!

But most importantly, welcome back!

Re: Old Player Coming Back...Where to Begin?

Thanks guys. I can't believe I quit the game after middle school and now I'm in college haha!

Will I be able to do any of the quests without lux items? I don't have haste gloves or an offhand. A friend of mine gave me 50k but I don't know how I should use it.
And finally, is it a lot easier to lvl up now? Back when I played a lot, 150 was the cap, so lvling up from 130 was pretty darn tough. Will it be a piece of cake now?

Re: Old Player Coming Back...Where to Begin?

Froze wrote:If I remember correctly, there was a big xp reduction so that it would require less time to level up. Not sure if I’m imagining this so could someone confirm? xD

Yep, the new questlines, bounties, scholarly ability, and a reduction in the xp curve have made it a lot easier to level!
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