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Epona Kills Bloodthorn

Well we did it drops and etc soon

EDIT: So Bloodthorn is busted atm, the adds aoes are too strong and impossible to live (pls change 2s tick to 4s) the lag was ridiculous, we basically zerged it after half because druids could barely target tank and ppl got oneshot. We aren't going to kill it again until adds are nerfed or something is seriously changed, was a nightmare. Took like 45 mins, i don't remember bc it was a blur after a while. But nonetheless

We had all poisonroots on right side besides one single ice and one single fire spawn, and all causticroots on left side besides 3 salve and one magic. So it was not fun.





Otm why is the seed no trade. This boss isn't possible to one group. It'll always go to dps group every time like this. Please make it notrade

Edit again: https://youtu.be/NbHkQFruUl0 look how much of this i was dead, with no roots up
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Re: Epona Kills Bloodthorn

kill was fairly hard but with many pots and deaths it was alright. Definitely would like to see a possible change to be done in order to make the kill better. We had lag, people getting send to leystone, deaths back to back to back to back.. like literally you'd use an idol and die as soon as you re spawn, happened to me x4 times in a row. Maybe do a change to idols because it only gives you half health back and with curse of fallen it freaking kills you so fast. as of right now it requires many numbers to be online, at least 7 potions of purifications which don't even work that well, lots idols and rest pots. Good luck to other servers!!!
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