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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

Elrond wrote:Looking to xfer some items on Arawn for those items or gold on crom. Looking for a new start haha.
Mostly looking to trade:
Hero gloves
85% ride
Lixs of various sorts
150 heat axe
Other misc items
Pm/mail me on either Ulmo on Crom or Elrond99 on arawn. Or pm me on the forums.
Hope y’all can help me out haha

:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
I'll miss ya el, hope you enjoy Crom!
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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

‘Coming here’. Do you even play here? Don’t you play on epona or something?

I think the worst server award would go to those with griefing, which doesn’t exist here.

Also the very few people who play on other servers do so because of how monotonous Crom can be due to lack of competition.

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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

crom is a dead also boring server ask your clan members that play on other servers and the reason they play other servers . i regularly check on crom to see how it's doin as I used to play here. If top clan members play on another server it must say something about the server it self
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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

Welcome Elrond! On the note of boring I beg the differ.

Every server has its uniqueness and its own level of progression. We support each other in clan in development and listen to what clannies want when it comes to all aspects of the game. I can't hit every topic or say we are this or that but Crom has been amazing and for some maybe not. I cant speak on everyone's behalf but I would say overall it is a great crowd of people here.
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Re: Xfering items from Arawn to Crom

1stly i would like to point out the fact that this was an xfer post, not a "who's world/server is the best" kinda thing

2ndly i would like to point out a flaw in some of your argument
is crom the only server who's top players have charaters on multiple worlds/servers?? (retorical question, of course others do)

yes at times crom can become a little bit frustrating for me personally at certain times of the day especially due to its smaller population, sometimes it is hard to find a group for a certain boss or whatever, but that can sometimes act as an extra difficulty to overcome, adding to the games experience, as sometimes a smaller group is used to kill a boss, increasing the difficulty
however this does not make up for the fact that yes, there is no real end game competition on bosses including edl and proteus, gelebron etc. (excuse my noobiness, my highest lvl is only 190)

do u think seed would not sometimes welcome some FRIENDLY competition??
in MY opinion, a rival clan could definately add an extra layer to the server, however all that have arisen in the past have built up seeing little more then red, causing much friction between clans and created in spite of seed and often hostility between members of each clan has occured
how does the saying go? love can build, where as hate can only tear down?
so how can a clan expect to survive if all they do is hate on seed?

i think that if a clan could grow and be respectful of what platforms seed have already created and not become nasty at lock battles, rather being a good sport as your parents taught you as a kid
then, i doubt seed would have an issue
sure i myself have been guilty of getting 'salty' with a few people for locking a boss against me, but give me a few minutes, sometimes a day if i REALLY wanted it, i get over it and get on with the game
the part which i struggle to get over and as the expression goes, causes a 'snowball effect' with building tensions between players is the boasting of locks and name calling or other unnecessary actions

my apologies elrond for hijacking this post as i realise i have been hypocritical of my 1st comment
for the sake of saving this post, if u have any issues with anything ive said, pm me, leave this post alone for elronds xfer related bits n bobs

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