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Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

bringing back the memories!!

I was chilling in castle earlier today and this random memory came into my head and it made me so happy!!

Personally for me 2012-2014 were the best Celtic Heroes times ever. For those that been in the community since 2011 can remember how social and fun the game was.

I can remember being level 50 player when summer event came out in 2013. If I still remember good it was the one where you needed to run around lirs and collect presents to get awesome hats that OTM put a lot of time into making.. and still till this day in my opinion.. coven, lugh, party hats, pumpkin head, best hats ever! I remember when clannies would help each other get hats. I even remember as a level 50 I could make 100k in few days from selling presents to high level for up to 1k each. But this days there is no connection between starters and end game players. Some times I even think that I stayed because of those end game players that showed me that there is a lot more to be achieved then just level 50.. I also remember when lirs had comrak/jalan/garanak and all those good players would be there camping them and me as a new player dreaming to be like them one day!!

The question I would like to ask is that do you think OTM is moving right way or should they bring that kind of stuff back? Like hunting for hats and bring event bosses!! And seasons!!

And what is a good memory that you can remember about old celtic Heroes?
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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

*sigh* I miss the present hunting too :)...
Some of my best memories are camping/chasing event bosses/drops.

(on the subject of the pumpkin-heads if/when there's ever another jack-o-lantern type hat, can it be a flamy one? PLZ :D)

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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

Running around the fountain back when iy was the old castle and the first mobs you killed where those dragon things at what is now heroes landing.
I played on my ipod 4 that i got for christmas.
I ran around the fountain like 6 times asking everyone i saw if they had any old extra armor i could have.
Everyone called me a scammer and i quit playing for a year.
When i came back i played with my friend and i made a mage i used heavy armor and probably put all my point into strentgh. I later made a warrior and caught him up to where me and my friend had been leveling around level 17 xd. Me and him used to play on herne and we would idolize a guy named rezi who was only level 105 but he had around 200k and a lot of fashion so we thought he was good xd.
He was a pretty cool person.

I also remember the first time i was able to the boss to get the duskshadow armor back when u had to kill those ppl.
I spent most of the day helping people kill him. I was around level 80 and i definatly had a terrible set up.

I moved to android a few years later and met a guy named porkonafork and i quickly got to level 80 on the mage i play now. I got a full set of level 50 lux and hero ammy my build still wasnt perfectly handcrafted yet but it was much better than my other characters. After reaching level 80 i got to 115 fairly quickly and farmed brutus for 48hrs straight just to lose every single one of him to an endgame player setting up his alts lol.

It has been a fun journey.
I cant wait to see whats next.
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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

i agree that there should be events the mini carrowmore event was cool but i want the type of stuff that has happened in the past though there is still a connection between low lvs and endgame players im freinds with people that do gele necro mordy and hrungir its not as easy as it used to be but with time and effort you can have a good connection with end game players ive always been a player that will play for awhile then quit for a couple months and forget his login details but ive made connections with many people some that no longer play the game and some that still do this game holds a special place in my heart and when the cooking update comes out i think im going to not be sleeping for a few days ;)

Re: Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

In the middle of killing falgren 6*, deadroot spawning :lol:

Another one(and probably my most fond memory) would have to be seeing the coolest looking warrior, templarnight, who was rocking full redclaw and an ancient greatsword with a growth charm, soloing the level 3 fairy queen out the front of farcrag castle :shock:
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Re: Old Celtic Heroes Memory’s (Post Yours)

Reef wrote:Events.

+1, and its a really small thing, but I miss being able to go into the pond by the tavern. I especially liked how OTM started to put presents in there xD
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