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Need Help Getting Back In the Game

Hello players and possibly support, I have a quite challenging proposal needed answered.

Recently, I got really out of the game, sold off my old offhand to a friend who just started playing the game again, sold my Main-Hand off in a clan auction, and now I find myself remaining with my old jewelry, Lux ammy, and about 450k in gold, and my 2 favorite fashion sets. Now would seem like a decent time to just step out of ch for a period of time, and come back in a few months or so, but the problem is I don't necessary want to stop playing. I can't really think of anything fun to do, but I defiantly do not want to stop playing, what would you all who decide to answer this recommend me do?

(I have the following classes = Rouge 121, Ranger 116, Druid 110, Mage 47, and Warrior 168 [Do not really want to play my warrior anymore])

Nat55ata [OG Toon] lvl 122 Rogue
YunTheCobra - lvl 180+

Re: Need Help Getting Back In the Game

lifeguard wrote:you should buy lixes and lvl up, end game has a lot more to offer and brings you new content.

I didnt get endgame despite playing for like 2 and a half years, i stopped at lvl 105 in 2014. Returned to the game in 2016, got an endgame rouge and ranger is about to be, it completely changes the whole game for you, there is so much more to do and fun to be had, i highly recommend trying to get there!

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