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Re: Which helm to use?

On necro victory elm is better. On snorri, hrung, mordy, prot, gele and every edl moon helm beats victory. Making moon helm the best. On necro 100 str from bictory helm may boost autos by 5-10 per hit? Yet on every other boss moon helm will boost by far more.

You asked which you should chose. Everyone said moon.
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Re: Which helm to use?

Loco cola wrote:Yea, I get the moon is better but my only concern is the necro raid

100 strength ain't sh*t it probably gives you about 4-7 extra real damage per auto on necro since necro resists pierce damage about 90% which is what strength boosts if your mainhand is a pierce weapon? So it isn't making or breaking your necro raid. The only real difference is 1k hp and 1k energy on necro. While moon hands down helps on every other boss way more
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