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Re: Name 1 inactive person you wish would come back

frumentarii wrote:Sterk(sneaky SOB may be playing as an alt though).

Hi Frum... :)
I did play several months ago on a new toon for like around a month or two (i dont remember, but it was during Christmas holidays) but quit again due to irl activities. At that time i managed to get my ranger solo to 223 (or 222 lol) in 4 weeks straight i think. I didnt plan to play at that time, but when i saw Relentless was not in a good shape then i decided to stay for a while just to help bring back the spirit to rebuild my beloving clan and clanmates (i think it was Peachie who asked me to join. Peachie n Rayne were in charge on Relentless when i joining my ranger's alt). I have already forgotten all the the usernames and passwords of all my toons including the last one. But i maybe play again during Christmas on a new toon. Or if i can recall the username of the last one, my ranger, i ll log on him. Apologize to yall during my undercover mission on my ranger back then. Once Relentless always Relentless!!! Until next time my fellow clannies!

@Frum: hehehe... I bet u still cant guess who am I next time i play on a new toon :)

Re: Name 1 inactive person you wish would come back

Haha, Sterk my old friend I hope you and the family are well, this game always has been low on the priority list IRL anyway or at least it should be for us.

Some of the originals still like to play on secret toons, guess we just learned from the best on how to do it right. ; ). Just keep them all guessing is still in full effect!

Someday maybe we can have a Gwydion reunion with all of the originals. Haha, take care Sterk, will be keeping my eye on the new toons popping up. Be well!
Homeworld: Gwydion
Clan: Relentless

Re: Name 1 inactive person you wish would come back

Hmmmm I got a lot of names that I would like to see back as I was playing this game since 2011 both active and inactive but I would really like to see indira/tiff tab Vx saiya/Alvin (real w.t.f) ripper Trojan( even tho me and her didn't speak much but I would of really like being in same clan with her) Martian, spadder, gren, Niff, itchy, sin, slide Kril adresss I got many more just to much to keep going

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