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2015 Druid Purchases!

I doubt anyone uses this thread anymore, but if you do, it is me, Turles, back again with my annual list of purchases. With a double plat sale around the corner of Thanksgiving, I am excited to announce that I will be selling about 80 or so chests. I hope to get 1.5 mil for all, but I can negotiate. So here's my list for my druid.

Focus of Seer - 250k
50 Sk's - 200k
Blue Hunter Set - 400k
80/10 Dragonstaff - 200-250k
Dark Grim of Health - Shoot me a price. Was thinking 140k?
5% Carpet, Broom and Fellspine - 50k each
Hero Ammy - 150k
Thats it friends. See you next year!

Re: Rosmerta's Buying and Selling Thread

selling (divine broom(3m)/wyldgrove ammy of the river(1m)/sunshard band of crystal river(650k)/purple lanrik(1.5m)/foucs of mystic(350k))
Name:Mr Magic
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Epona toons:
DoctorHeals (druid)(lvl 222)
DoctorFlames(mage)(lvl 221+)
DoctorPoison(rogue)(lvl 210+)
DoctorShield(warrior)(lvl 210+)
Crom toons:
Madcombo (rogue)(lvl 205+)

Selling Level 180 Lux

Selling Level 180 Lux rings / braces:

Prices are halfway between vendor buy-back and vendor sale, so I believe they are fair.

Two Eldritch rings of Valour (STR/75) - 225k each.
Eldritch ring of Courage (VIT/75) - 225k.
Eldritch Bracelet of Valour (STR/75, 30 Health Regen) - 260k.
Eldritch Bracelet of Artifice (DEX/75, 30 Energy Regen) - 260k.

PM Abrams in-game when in Castle for serious offers.

Abrams (Rosmerta - Level 210 Warrior)

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