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Re: Introduce yourself

Hey I'm Zenaku. Feel free to call me Zen or Zenny. New to the game and I'm a level 50 mage looking for a guild
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Level 221 Mage
level 220 druid
level 216 rogue
level 215 warrior
Server: Balor
Clan: Nova
Position: Guard
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Re: Introduce yourself

Hello I am Rhydd Rhoderick of Death Row, currently level 150,
Been awhile since I hit the forums. My warrior on danu is drakekraken lvl 175. Balor is an awesome server so far and I enjoy sharing it with you guys!
DrakeKraken - Level 175 - Warrior

Re: Introduce yourself

Hey everyone I'm eysluna :) I was a year one IoS player. But due to illness I stopped playing. As I'm finally healthy again I figured I might pick the game up again! I've noticed MANY changes since I played last and I hope eventually I'll catch up. Have a great day!

Re: Introduce yourself

While not new to the game, as I currently play on IOS-Epona, my phone is an android so I thought I would start a toon on Balor. I am SacredHealer a level 16 Druid. Hope to see y'all around. :D
LoneHawk - Mage - General Resurgence
Korac - Rogue

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