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Re: Tzunami

demannen2 wrote:-1 you spoiled the fun to much in the past

You gave away your account why are you voting on the forum?
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Re: Tzunami

Can't always build trust that easy.... However you were never mean to me and I don't like to believe rumors so to me you're okay. I hope my vote helps, +1 for me
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Re: Tzunami

ckanda1 wrote:-1 although I believe in second chances....I think it needs to be proven in lugh....just because you say you changed doesn't mean we should trust it. You need to regain trust here. If you have really changed....then the suggestion to prove it should be ok with you...just my opinion

then giv him the chance to prove himself.

Re: Tzunami

I can give him a chance to prove himself but I won't automatically agree to unbanning until he proves he has changed. He should have offered that. Maybe allow a time frame before automatically unbanning. He comes back and in less than one day you all just believe he isn't the same. Give him a chance to prove it that's all I'm sayin.

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