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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Two arrows ;nocked, draw (5)
Aim so true, their path no flaw (7)
Flesh and bone they saw (5)
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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

Oberyn wrote:Sailed, I, to this land
One by one they fell as planned.
Unbowed...still I stand!

BTW, the example haiku in the directions has a line with 6 syllables rather than 5. "We shall not fall, attack!"(that's 6). Anyways...good luck all!

Here's one for the fun of it:

How'd I get this scar?
Got scratched by a pirate, aargh!
...the pirate is dead.

I thought attack was only one >< *runs off to change it*

Thanks for pointing it out :3
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Re: Win Free Platinum! Haiku Competition!

haiku 3.JPG
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And just for fun, here are some other haikus that I wrote as practice for the competition

haiku 2.JPG
haiku 2.JPG (68.61 KiB) Viewed 4341 times

haiku 1.JPG
haiku 1.JPG (54.19 KiB) Viewed 4341 times

Steel rings in the deep
Foul sheiks fill vast caverns
Covered in wyrm’s bone

Strike true ye heroes!
Send our hope straight as arrows
Into villains hearts

I killed a big rat
I killed a huge stinky rat
Under the tavern

Wyrm fire hurts me not
A boggan’s strike does no harm
Shop prices sting most

The way home is blocked
I fear these are my last words
Tell my wife I love….

Mighty Fingal swung his
hammer cleaving a crevasse
in Mordris’ hide.

A plague on the land
Only one hero can lift
By breaking the curse

The All-Seeing One
Roams fields of red and blue grass
In another world

In the Otherworld
We fight for fallen brothers
Slain by the dark god

I stand at the door.
Regulus holds the key if
I complete his test.

Falling stars streak skies
Imbuing monsters with might
I protect the realm

Fuggles the Jester
Gave me the knowledge to fight
With a candy cane

One day I’ll finish
One day I’ll complete this quest
If Killain will spawn

Dust rises skyward
Blood spills on the gritty sand
In the arena

King MacCroin told me
To be brave below the ground
In the catacombs

Ice drips from my wings
Arctic gales lift me skywards
Shielding from all harm
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