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Re: Guide for Mages

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Re: Guide for Mages

Armo wrote:PvP Mage
Although PvP (player verses player) isn't a huge part of Celtic Heroes currently, it is fun to blast some people and increase your PvP ranking and name. Although fire mage is viable for PvP, I highly recommend trying ice mage first. You will be maxing ice shards, half maxing ice blast, almost maxing ice attunement, putting enough points in freeze to be able to cast on people within 10-20 levels above you, and rest into lure. The reason you don't want to max ice blast is because fights are way too short and you'll find yourself only casting it once. Rarely will you cast it again before you or your opponent drop dead. The trick to a PvP mage is hoarding royal, grand, greater and lesser rings of ice attunement and putting them all on before your fight. Once you cast attunement, switch out your rings and you will still have your very high attunement until it runs out, or if you die. Since players have more resistance than mobs, you will need a very high ice lure to maximise your damage.

For gear you will be looking at a shield with high armour. For wands, if you are below level 110, try to purchase the master wand of secrets (talked about below), if you are 110+ try to get a grimoire (also talked about below). For stats, I had the same amount of focus as vitality. Some prefer lots of focus since you won't be taking many hits (freeze), and some prefer high vitality, in case your target is a tank and the fight goes on for a while.

Your spell rotation will be: Ice shards --> Freeze --> Ice lure --> (wait until freeze almost over) --> Ice blast --> Ice shards. This will kill most targets, assuming you don't evade. The reason you don't lure at the beginning is to stop your opponent from getting too many hits off at the beginning.

I posted a pvp fire mage guide here: http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=55418. Go check it out.

Re: Guide for Mages

Very detailed and comprehensive. I can see any PvP mage benefiting from this, even high-leveled ones.

I will most definitely add a link to your thread, glad you made it.

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Re: Guide for Mages

I need a bit of advice.

I'm thinking of making an alt-mage character. I already have an Ice Mage (my main) and a Fire Mage, so I'm thinking of making this one a combined mage (both ice and fire). I'm planning to give him Connacht Robes and a few rings.

Is this a good idea or is it better to make him either a Fire or an Ice Mage?

Re: Guide for Mages

Since you can only have one attune on at one time, it is recommended to only use one element of damage. If you really want to try, you can always switch the skills of your current mages and see how it works for you.

A mage at heart... Fire mage that is.
Currently actively playing the game.

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