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Re: This is just a game!

btw rogue216 your link doesnt seem to work on my computer...

this is what shows up: Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_xss_admin() in /home/olganon/public_html/sites/all/modules/hide_submit/hide_submit.module on line 297
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Re: This is just a game!

This thread is to bring awareness to people who are addicts. There is not a fine line between casual and addict players at all.

If a boss is up do you jump on game over everything else?

If you have a set time you wanna stop but stay on another 40 mins to get last level?

Do you books days off wok just to play celtic heroes?

Do you stay up all night playing?

Do you ignore your wife's or family's calls when they ring cause your in middle of a boss.?

If you have a fair few of them ticked then more then likely an addict.

Dear chplayer. Now i know not all funds go to charity of corse not. But at least i am doing something! I mean come on. Also i did not state there was no racism but states that it was now not socially accepted. Read and you will learn.

As i said there are those who do and those who dont. If you didnt like the thread then you don't need to argue it is my right to post something. You have the right to argue but it doesn't mean you are right in what your saying at all.

The point of this post was for people to realise they could be am addict an get professional help with it. I have done that all you have managed to do is argue about something you don't care about. Congratz??
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Re: This is just a game!

Kinda amusing in some ways the arguing

I liken it to the alcoholic who doesn't want to hear about other alcoholics and argues its their choice, all the while harboring their own addiction that they won't admit to....

Sometimes people need interventions to re focus their lives

The concept of saying Idc and let them do what they want is how people end up homeless, helpless with addictions that affect more than just themselves (lost spouse, kids, family, jobs, etc)...

So I do hope the person reads the op and steps back and assesses where they are and realize what they are doing
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Re: This is just a game!

The game is not addictive, if you have an addictive personality then you can get addicted to anything. It is sad when people turn into shut-ins over a game. Mmorpgs have have an aspect other games do not. Various social networks. In this one they exsist as clans and you can form relationships with the people. Everything in moderation and balance. Any person can get something good or bad out of a game that is there choice same can be said about religion or anything else for that matter. Sometimes some people need to lose a lot before they learn some don't ad others never will learn. I am willing to bet the person that lost his relationship over a game would have easily lost it over something else had the game not been in his life.
That is my two cents. I have a happy life happy wife and a newborn son i love to share that with my clan and friends.

Re: This is just a game!

CHplayer wrote:
Brookie wrote:
Notsofast wrote:I know this game isnt a life style, which is why I've quit it. But why is it so important to YOU that others need to know? Lt thr guy live his life. Sure, he may neglect everyone and be an *** jerk, but if thats what pleases him, let him live his life that way.

Life's an experiance, and its what you make of it. If his experiance is to be a level 200 with the best damn armour available. Who are you to stop him?

I am not stopping him. I dont kno or wish to know him at all. I am showing others what has happened to a couple. Now you say who am i to stop him. If everyone had that attitude there would still be massive racism in the world and for it to be not frowned upon. There are people who dont care or do anything... Yourself. People who try for others myself. Simple you do as you please and not care somewhere else?.

The world is FULL of racism, what planet do you live on.
You can NOT save the world, people as you classify your self as have been trying since way before any of our times.

If you spent as much effort making your life better as you did worrying about everyone else's... You would would be way better off. Don't get so worked up over silly fake things you read on the Internet. Rule number 1 in life is you gotta look after number 1, and that's yourself.

And as for you claiming you donate to charity to try and prove your some kind of great kind person. Take a look at how the laws regulate where and what percentage of charity donations actually make it to the actual fund it self.

You would be better off purchasing plat to keep this game funded and help this guy that the op is about. In a way it is the charity fund that would help him. Not that I believe any of this story you claim you found. Also for someone who has better things to do with your life then waste it on this game... Why would you be googling Celtic heroes in the first place.
But that beside ls the point.


Re: This is just a game!

@ Brookie: Since when is everything you read on the Internet true?

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Re: This is just a game!

Thanks for the topic brookie I am gonna post it on my clan forum to bring awareness we have young players as well and I do preach sometimes in clan to people that rl has priority over a game. Clan and game will be there when you get back. Of the story is true or not does not matter something good can be taken from it as a lesson for people.

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