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Favorite of Samhain Event 2012

Hey Celtic Heroes! I am creating this post for everyone to list all of the things they love about this event and i want absolutely NO negativity! Whether we like it or not, OTM has worked very hard for us and listen to us for the most part, which most other MMOs dont do :)
My favorite part of Samhain has to be;
Daily Quests, Transformation Charms, BROOMS, and all of the new content they have given us that keep us logging on every day for that extra experience and armor!

All positive feedback appreciated :D
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Re: Favorite of Samhain Event 2012

Daily quests:) i think its briliant what they did there. We asked for dailies amd for something to do everyday, we have it and an armour to loook forward to wooot, knowing for sure u will get which piece in how many days, i think that was pretty clever of them to do. Its not stressful for me at all.

I also love the bat cane. Idc if the stats arent better than my dagger lol, its a novelty item.. I love that it shoots bats and it looks real fun. This also is awesome idea.

The quest bosses that attack dps othes in group not just tank, i think thats also a great idea. Adds variety. These ones behave differently.

And lastly, i love the flaming skeleton charms!

Great work overall. Idk about u but for me halloween event is awesome. I enjoy it so do a lot of people i have talked to.

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