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Re: Its been a week.

Suprt wrote:Oh I see your really impatient and thanks for those meanings. :? Anyway I have asked admin the same question. Beta testing takes one week, approval by Apple takes one week. So in the end the end you have to wait half a month. Yes I was depressed to hear that too

apple does not have a set schedule. It depends on how many other apps are sending updates or new releases for approval. It also depends on which apps have rushed released status.
On average, it takes about 1-3 weeks for apple to approve. Once it is submitted, its out of the admins/devs hands.
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Re: Its been a week.

Dear Monkey, my not so intellegant primate do thy a favor an fall not just on 1 but on 7 swords and fall uppon your knees and die....lol wtf? point being Monkey that i am patient when the other person is punctual, if one person does their job, so does the other, in this case, OTM has not done theirs so i won't do mine :ugeek:

Re: Its been a week.

You May Say you are Patient, but For Me and my Intelligent, astute, wise, clever, cunning, educated, enlightened Royal followers We will all Have Crossed our Hearts and Swear that You Ranger1995 are impatient.

Now I understand you may be imbecile,hebetudinous,Delusional ,Dense, insipid,Inarticulate and Hircismus.
Well on the other side i must now say i am not bragging but i am acute, adept, agile, alert, apt, astute, bold, brainy, bright, brilliant, brisk, canny, clever, crafty, effective, eggheaded, fresh, genius, good, impertinent, ingenious, keen, knowing, long-haired, nervy, nimble, on the ball, pert, pointed, quick, quick-witted, ready, resourceful, sassy, sharp, shrewd, and simply known as a computer generated freak.

To Make a long potboiler short.
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Re: Its been a week.

O.o guys why are you swearing your oaths?

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Re: Its been a week.

It's a week people... If it's something that's so important to complain about. Just worry about real life and come back when the updates out.
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Re: Its been a week.

Monkeyman, The verbosity of your post is very impressive :lol: Anyway I hate when I see some some shout I'm bored in the game and to me this post is akin to that. I for one really enjoy this game and playing it with clan mates. Oh I "DO" get bored and when I do I make my own fun. I have created all the classes which was interesting, but I also work more on the social aspect of the game when I'm tired of the grind.

Actually one of the classes a created, I didn't let on it was me for a while and played it as a much younger clueless/noobish character to see how people would respond to me. Truthfully everyone treated me very well and with respect. (well one person did sell me a pearl for $200 GP's) I have to say that I had loads of fun being clueless :lol: I finally let the clan in on my secret when my character was reaching level 40! I have to say a few thought it was me but most were terribly confused and didn't believe me until I logged my main. :lol:

Lastly another way I have made my own fun was to go to another world and start a new character. I have to say the new world and clan I joined have been amazing so I try to log into both worlds some. Actually some of the folks in the other world also play now on Arawn too and I believe they have had a good time with or clan.

So go make your own fun and the update will be here before you know it.
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