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Hello Guys, :mrgreen:

Ok so i was walking around the catacombs on my lv 47 rogue and a came across a shiverlord. So I manged to take him down and guess what he dropped, 200 Coins!!!! and A Diamond :twisted: .

So i came back later and killed Shiverlord again but this time he only gave me amber and 11 coins.

I pretty sure his bugged or something . Is this ment to happen or not :mrgreen:
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Re: ShiverLord!!!

He drops by chance. Don't be too excited.
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Re: ShiverLord!!!

damn I never seen dat! Most of the time he gives me like 8 coins and a JET!
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Re: ShiverLord!!!

I killed Shiv last night with my mage, he dropped 12 coins and a diamond. Just random I guess.
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