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Oh eM Ge

i am like sooo... totally buying heal RINGS! like.... if you can totally help me i'd be like seriously thankful like really!? so... if you like have then let me KNOW? :idea: thanks ill love you like so totally much!? and im like paying reg prices!? ok thanks! :?:

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Re: Oh eM Ge

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Re: Oh eM Ge

KingCod3man wrote:Did you really ask me to repeat that in english, retard

Lmao, you're right cod3! :lol:

@Allpashion He DID type it in english! What you must have meant is grammar. ;)

Re: Oh eM Ge

What can I say? I was laughing while talking at the thought of him having a gf. Gf's probably a dude. In fact, I doubt he could even get a dude. :lol:

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