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Need leveling up partner

I'm currently lv 18 and I plan to actively play this game, but being a druid it's kinda hard to do missions. Now that the enemies are getting tougher and multiple of them are attacking me my heals get interrupted and I die. I need someone to grind with, preferably a dps but Idc what role you are.
My in-game name is Kingpin
You can also hmu on Facebook/messenger @Leonte Walker, that would make things way easier
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Re: Need leveling up partner

Hey there!
If you could post what server you are on you could probably get better responses (if you're on Lugh, I think I could find someone to help you ;) ).
(Also, it is your preference to share your personal info, but I would be wary of sharing too much as there are twisted people who will do crazy things...)

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