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Hey CH players... I finally got to making one of these! I guess I'll start by giving away my identity from the start. My first characters name was Agendaur. He was a warrior, and he got to level 62 before I gave up on him. I made him in October of 2012. (If you have yet to meet me, I'm known for being lazy and barely leveling) If you want proof I have it. Anyhow, I then moved to Turles, a rogue class that I made so I could explore the wonders of shadowstrike. After I got him to 85, I decided to move on and become a caster. (This was 2014 mind you) I loved the idea of support because honestly, there isn't much to mess up on when supporting rather than fighting. Thats when I made TurlesHeals. Yes you guessed it, my druid. I have gotten TurlesHeals to 95 and I'm gonna continue him. I've put over 1,350 hours into Celtic and I'm not stopping here, in fact I will not stop until the day Celtic Heroes dies, if that will ever happen! (Lets hope not!) But yeah, that's me. Just FYI, if you want to complain about how obnoxious Agendaur was, please don't... I'm a changed man, I was like 12 then too...

Re: Turles

Well hello there!

Hey i found someone who is like me, no motivated to lvl at all :)
Issartri - Ranger - Fingal - 170 - Blackfyre
Issartri - Ranger - Arawn - 80+
I quit, again, no one enjoys the game anymore bc yall complain too much, the whole thing is revolving around bosses and selfish dom clans.
Peace out - Issa

Re: Turles

Mhmm. Good story.

Welcome to the Forums, Turles!

If you die before CH does, would you keep playing as a "living" corpse? :shock:
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I'm taking a break from CH until the next questline is released. Possibly this next beta.

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