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Developer dropping in to say Hi.

Hi everyone. /wave

Long-time reader, new to posting. So I'll try to keep it short to start with. :geek:

I'm one of the programmers here at One Thumb Mobile and have been working here just shy of a year.

This time last year I was finishing my university course which was in computer games and technology. From the early years of High School (I must have been about 13-14) I knew I wanted to go into programming after trying out some Visual Basic and after how many hours I sank behind a computer screen and with a PlayStation controller in my hand, I had my sights set on working on games. I've grown up in games that are surrounded by Community and I am amazed that we're now at a point where this community is carried around in our pockets.

I feel really special to be involved in such a project and I hope to give you an insight into what I do. I want to make clear that this is strictly from a programmer point of view. My job isn't to balance classes, loot etc.

If you have any questions, I'd like to do an AMA (ask-me-anything) thread within the next week or so (if you're interested in this, please post and let me know or I may back away quietly from the keyboard and run like hell!).

Thanks for taking your time to read,
Ket. :D

Re: Developer dropping in to say Hi.

In all honesty, it frightens me how little I didn't know about coding before going into my course. I had done a handful of working buttons and input on screens with Visual Basic. I went on to do some HTML and web applications while I was still in school.

I headed off to University at the rip old age of 17 years old, so I wasn't expected to have an awful lot of prior knowledge. They taught us C++ from the beginning. And we branched out into languages we wanted to from there, including C# and Java for myself.

These days there's a lot of steps in between that allow for these 'creations' to be much easier. Game Maker (Linky over here) which I've personally worked with, and also in a group with kids aged between 12-15. It's amazing what a simple scripting language can do and it allows you to get into the nitty-gritty of the code if that's what you're interested in. :)

It was grasping the fundamental logic, that surrounds coding at a basic level, so quickly that told me it would be something I'd be good at :)

Re: Developer dropping in to say Hi.

I can't really say welcome to the forum if you already read these for a while so I'd just say welcome!
I hope that this means more info about future plans will get leaked before us. And that the game will improve more due to the many suggestions that have already been made since the start of the game and will now be read by multiple OTM employes. :)
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Re: Developer dropping in to say Hi.

In my free time, I'm normally playing League of Legends, have a few console games I need to get into, like last of us and god of war and I have just started Walking Dead Season 2 (game). I'm also watching 24/GoT/Grey's Anatomy/Breaking Bad (3rd season/new season/new season/just about to start 4th season) or can be found out and about on my purple motorbike :)

Annnnnd if I didn't pick coding as a career, I think I would have went into something to do with Geography of all things ! I just really enjoyed learning about weather systems and climates, I coulda been a weather woman! :geek:

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