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Re: How to be a guide?

Bitey has it. There are several players who act as guides to this game without a title. These new moderators are such players. There are several more as well.
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Re: How to be a guide?

bob the mage wrote:Anyone can spam post numbers, and all reputation means is that forums become a popularity contest. Call me old fashioned but I think the content of someones post matters a lot more than who posted it. Let the logic and reasoning of the argument outweigh who says what.

Tag means nothing, post count means nothing, what matters is what you say and why you say it, and how you came to formulate what you said.

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Re: How to be a guide?


Here are my thoughts on Guides and Mods. I'll be pruning both this week based on their own responses and activeness in the forums. We've given them a couple weeks to respond. I think that's a fair amount of time to respond.

People who are active and want to help keep things constructive. I could have a super active lurker that is good at keeping things on track be mod. I picked the 4 mods this time around because I think they can stay impartial on most threads and are CURRENTLY active in the forums. Are they going to be perfect? Probably not. Are they going to make mistakes sometimes? Probably. As with everything, experience makes people better. They're eyes and ears while we aren't around.

These are people that have displayed to us that they're not only "experts" of the game, but also, constructive and active on the forums. They have access to other parts of the forums that not everyone has. We'll start using this section as an initial soundboard and feedback forum for ideas we're juggling around. More specifically ideas I'm tossing around for the community. As a guide, I trust them to not discuss everything with other players as a lot of the ideas discussed there will never see the light of day. They should know the game well enough to be able to make comments that can see the pros and cons; not just one side. I will also start to remove a guide if they start to become toxic. We'll try reaching out at first, but if their post becomes unconstructive or just trolling, we'll remove their title. Basically, I see them as exemplary models for the community.

If you want to be a guide, I'd follow Regenleif's advice. A guide shouldn't need to ask or request they become a guide. They're a great example just by being themselves.

Regenleif wrote:For those looking for further ways to help others, I recommend:
- making and maintaining a guide on your main class (probably the only reason people know me :lol: )
- mentoring players on your server
- helping others on 3rd party communication channels (I believe every class has a LINE group? There's a melee one, a DPS one too..)
- offering constructive, objective, and well-written feedback on ideas and implementations

Guide, moderator, admin, general, or not, those who carry weight in the CH community do so regardless of title.

Re: How to be a guide?

Why steal another persons thunder? If something makes someone feel important and needed all the better. It matters to me who is releasing information and or who is answering my questions regarding this game. It is amazing how many will jump in and belittle the work (worthwhile effort to better persons, places or things) of another without contributing anything themselves.

I support guides and mods. Thank you for showing up.
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