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Ios Destiny Bug

Hi OTM, I play on the world Rostmerta and I have been experiencing some issues. Now, I know the new update is optimized for iPhone 5 & 5s but I have a 4 and use it a lot for Celtic Heroes. No offense, but I think the optimization is a bad idea. I played on an iPad 1 for 2 years and never experienced any lag. Back to the bug though, I notice a lot of people saying everyone is invisible. Yes, that does happen to me, but there is a larger problem, I can't see anyone's equipment! All I see on every person is the default armour for their class. I dont see any weapons, mounts, Dragonlord armor, etc. Please fix this bug, and I will be a happy camper! By the way, I have not yet tried the update on my iPad 1 yet but please, change the optimization for the update, I understand the engine is new, and "pro" in a way, but Order and Chaos is somewhat like this and it runs just fine on my iPad 1 and iPhone 4.

Re: Ios Destiny Bug

Probably not a good idea to do so though, the reason for the option is to limit the amount of resources the game uses for low end devices such as his.
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