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Bought Platinum And Never Recieved

First off, I want to thank Dersu for helping me see how immature and foolish my original postings were.. Now, on Saturday I purchased platinum, after doing so I was kicked from the server and unable to access the game. I could login, and see the character select screen, but there were no characters. I went to choose another world, and it said I had my characters on the world I was previously on (Rosmerta). I was confused, but read your forum on ways to solve the platinum issue. I restarted my device completely only to have the same issue. No trouble I thought, I'll reinstall the game. I reinstalled and accessed another game with in-app purchases before starting CH again. I then opened CH to find the same issue. No biggie, I'll access my account without being signed in to my apple account. I was able to play, and saw no platinum which I knew wouldn't be there because I wasn't logged into my apple account. Okay cool, I can play, maybe it'll work now. I exited the game, and logged into my apple account once more. It still did not work.. It was at that point I began getting frustrated.. I went to my friends house to connect to his wifi to see if it would work, and still had the same issue.. I lost my temper at that point.. I am currently able to play while not logged in. I have done these steps numerous times each hoping it would work, but to no avail. Help would be greatly appreciated, and I apologize for my irrevocably rude and foolish behavior. Thank you.
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Re: Bought Platinum And Never Recieved

Settle down, and don't make false accusations. You think OTM could ban your apple ID?

The problem is on your end, and it has happened to many of us.

Read this... viewtopic.php?f=69&t=11537 (it can easily be found at the top of the "Ask for help" forum... you just didn't look for it).

In my experience, option 3 in that list works best, but try the other ideas first.

You need to use the same device that you used when you bought the platinum.

p.s. - Edit your post and remove your Apple ID/email address from the post. It isn't terribly wise to post that information on a public forum.
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Re: Bought Platinum And Never Recieved

First off, that could have all been in one post. No need for three.

Anyway... Very well... I'll admit I may have jumped the gun on assuming you hadn't read or tried those options. But I would argue that is quite different from accusing a company of banning your ID with another company (lol) and then saying you would report this to Apple.

Might I suggest that you include that information in your post? Generally when I make a troubleshooting complaint to a company, I tell them what I have done thus far.

I also don't think you're giving Support the due time they need to deal with helping you. You joined forums yesterday (a Sunday) and claim that you've been asking for a while? Sure, you may have sent a support ticket a while ago, but things take time. I'm going to go on a limb and guess that this happened very recently.... Friday or Saturday. Your Facebook postings on the CH site are pretty chipper and talking about [personal detail] until the 17th. (like I said... not a good idea to post your email) You can't honestly expect them to solve your problem over the weekend, do you?

I don't quite understand how your apple ID isn't working, though. Solve that problem, and you might have your plat. Here's my guess... your plat purchase won't complete until you can log in to your apple account. If you are logging in under another ID, your plat will never show up.

Once you get that solved (has nothing to do with OTM) log into another app and pretend to make a purchase. Cancel before you do, then re-log CH.

Ah... you've posted in the time I wrote this.... ahhaah... again, you're information is spotty. So your apple ID works fine, you say? pfff.

Again, do what I suggest above. Log into another game that has purchases, and click through to a purchase, but don't confirm. Then reload CH.

As for CH, if you can't see your characters, back all the way out to the log in screen, or click on another world then go back to yours.

Zerith wrote:I did read and try every one of those options. So try something useful next time. And I don't care who sees my email address. My password isn't there, why would I give a hoot? I don't.

My, aren't we the nasty little [personal detail] fan... I was trying to be helpful, though it was a bit snarky. As for the email address... You've given everyone access to your email. Your email has your name in it. Now anyone can look at your Facebook, see your fiends, family etc. Be more responsible with your data. What would [personal detail] say?

[Incencitive], I wouldn't be surprised if you get an inbox of spam. Besides, spambots scour web forums to rip addresses.

Tell ya what, why don't you try again from square one. Outline EXACTLY what has happened. Include dates and what you have done in the order you have done it.
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Dersu of Herne
lvl 135+ Druid (Double Helix Build)
Clan Infection... of the Britannians family of clans.

Re: Bought Platinum And Never Recieved

Alright, a new prospect has come to light. I was finally able to login while logged into my apple account, but I was disconnected very shortly after appearing in game. I tried to login again and I had the same problem as before.. I am currently playing while not logged into apple, and there is no platinum even after logging in with my apple account for that brief moment. This just occurred and I'm very confused..

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