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Re: Celtic Heroes wiki link and suggestions

Here are simple steps to trade.
1. Click on a player
2. Press the 
3. There are a whole bunch of buttons and trade is what you want to click
4. Hopefully they accept!
5. If they didn't accept go to another person/the same person and repeat steps 1-3
6. If they accepted the trade, the trade screen should pop up
7.If you want to offer gold, press the gold coins then something pops up with arrows on the left and right and what they do is the right arrow puts all your money and you know what the left arrow does, it removes all your money. Also there is a bar that puts in a certain amount of your choice.
8. You can drag stuff from your inventory to the trade screen.
9. You press the Ready button but you have to make sure your absolutely think the trade is good and worth it.
10. If the other end presses the ready button also, 2 buttons will pop up and one says Ok and the other is cancel
11. If they cancel, you have to go back to step 1.
12. If it isn't cancelled, you get the items/gold they gave you
13. The trade is done.
There is a possibly that you will get scammed and support will not restore the lost items in a trade and don't blame it on the scammer because it is your fault you accepted the trade of a scammer plus all trades are final. If they scam you, say (insert name here) is a scammer so it warns other people not to trade with him/her. Do not beg for money, armor, weapons, free stuff and spam trade people because it annoys the person your sending it to and they could block you. If you need to buy or sell things you say: Buying (insert item here) or Selling (insert item here). It is good to put an amount gold like, Buying (insert item here) for (insert gold here) or Selling (insert item here) for (insert gold here). Do not spam the buying and selling in the chat, it annoys people. If you want to know how much an item is worth, tell people, clanmates, friends and groupmates. Have fun and please don't scam or become a scammer or spammer.


Re: Celtic Heroes wiki link and suggestions

When you first accept the meteoric weapon quest, the item I am suppose to give him, something called like an enchanted sky iron, or idk, I would have to look back, anyways I do not know how to find that, any advice?

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