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Re: Logging in

Hmm.. that’s an odd one but I have seen other people on forums having similar issue.. if you have unlimited WiFi or data I’d suggest to re-download the app if you on IOS or try clearing cache if you are on Android. All Support & Admins are probably asleep due to different time zone.. so reinstalling the game wouldn’t hurt!! and if it doesn’t work you can easily email support@onethumbmobile.com or PM Difinitus (I think he might be able to help since this doesn’t sound like a big of issue and might just require minor fix) if you do private message him just give him as much information about the account (don’t include password because they don’t require that) tell him: Character Name, Server, and the email registered on the account so that way he can confirm that he had the right character before doing anything and just describe your current issue you are having. I hope this helps!! Cheers,

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