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AchillezRogue wrote:
Dark Kitty wrote:[moved to ask for help]
Please email support@onethumbmobile.com

I’ve tried emailing them but they never help, I know all the info for my account but it says account conflict PW.

How long ago did you email them? Keep in mind that Support may be a few workdays behind on support tickets due to how many players contact them with issues. Also, Support doesn't work weekends, so if you emailed them late last week, they may not get to your ticket for an extra couple days.
If it's been over a week or so and you haven't gotten a reply back, you may want to make sure it didn't go to Spam, as well as double check that you sent it to the right email address, and there weren't any typos (the one that Kitty posted is accurate).

I believe the account conflict is an issue from back in 2017 when the Android and IOS versions of the game were merged - many Android players had the same account username as IOS players, and therefore both accounts became conflicted. It should be an easy issue for Support to fix, so just wait until you hear back from them - they will get back with you.
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