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Re: What can we do to prevent further Bloodthorn griefing?

About the only thing you can do is open a ticket with support by emailing support@onethumbmobile.com with a link to the video, date & time, and any other information that can help VR understand the situation. It may fall under the zone disruption clause, or it may not depending on the circumstances. In either case good luck with your future bt battles.

Edit: sorry at first I didn’t see you already took these steps. Still, engaging support is really the best and only way of getting VR involved. The other thing you could do is try to find a strategy where it’s possible to kill the south root. I’m not sure what that is, but it may be possible.

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Re: What can we do to prevent further Bloodthorn griefing?

Typically, Support is your best bet for these kinds of issues. It's really difficult to detect griefing server-side (but not impossible), which is why we ask for videos of the offending player. It has to be clear enough for our team to see the player trying to intentionally prevent other players from enjoying the game.

Here are a couple tips to help our team help you:
1. Have a player able to record high-quality video while playing.
2. Best to have a video focused on the griefing instead of the fight where the griefing may appear briefly.
3. Use YouTube or other media share site (like Imgur) to preserve quality and easy to view.
4. Don't send us a video file - Email servers compress large files and we're cautious to open email attachments.

@OP, will you PM me with some more details about this and maybe I can help out.

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