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Bit broke but still need jewels / other gear


I am kinda broke at the moment (630k) and need some advice for jewelry and other gear.

Firstly, I don't believe my clan has killed (or is capable of killing) Gele, Necro, Skain, Hrung, etc. so jewelry for those are out of the picture (unless I buy them, but some go into the millions). I have the Tier 3 shop unlocked for Liches. Currently not full tank but still want to get jewelry to maximize the stuff for tanking (when I do respec).

Right now I've got two +8 Pummel rings (again, not full tank right now), +9 and +8 Protective Stance rings (even though I use Frenzy), Level 150 Vanguard Summit brace (+60 Vit, +6 Taunt), Hawn's Blood Moonstone Bracelet (lv100, really only there until I can get a replacement), Mighty Silverweb Chitin charm (+20 Vit, +3 Prot Stance/Shield Wall), and Stargem Frostgiant ammy.

For other gear, I've got Dark Focus Halberd, Runic Endurance shield, DL Legs+Boots+Gloves, Occult BP (no helm, could use Frozen for the time being). No battlemount or pet since I recently got back into warrior, sold the mount and pet from it to gear other toons just to return to warrior a few days later.

Currently have 700 str, 110 foc, and 590 vit. 4.8k HP and 990 energy. 2.2k attack 1.3k dmg (no Frenzy), 910 def, 1.1k armor. I think I have a general idea of what stats to go with. (Level 200)

So obviously I'm pretty undergeared and would not be good for tanking (even if I was in tanking build), what piece of gear should I go for first? Obviously I'm going to go after DL with my clan but in terms of stuff I can / should buy, what should I try getting first?

Thank you. :)
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