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Could someone explain some of the Warrior terms?

Honestly, Ive been too afraid to ask this earlier out of fear of being called a noob or whatever, but now Im getting real tired of seeing all these terms (e.g. edl, dl, dps, etc.) and not knowing exactly what they mean. I ask for some mercy in my lack of knowledge concerning this. :?
If someone could give me a list of some of the Warrior terms used and briefly explain what they mean, Id really appreciate it.


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Re: Could someone explain some of the Warrior terms?

^ Alongside MT, there's also OT (off-tanks) who are warrior who tank during a boss fight, but usually the other mobs rather than the boss itself.

Another thing you'll hear a lot is 'adds', either in the context of 'adds on druids' or 'clear adds'. These are essentially the other mobs in the area that are drawn to the fight by the boss, and as a tank you should be aware of any adds that are attacking druids so you can take aggro off, or let the DPS know.

edl = exalted dragonlord. It's a set of armour/weapons unlocked after dl

dl = dragonlord. Set of armour/weapons unlocked after frozen

dps = damage per second

mh/oh = main hand weapon (spear/sword/axe/etc)/off hand weapon (shield/etc)

When tanking, the druids with dl/edl oh have skills called boons. So if a druid says boon or 'b', then that means they've applied it to the tank.

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Re: Could someone explain some of the Warrior terms?

Well I’ll try my best to explain the various abbreviation used throughout the Warrior life

EDL- Exalted Dragonlord: Quest Armour obtained in Gelebron Tower, Lvl 205 for full completion
DL-Dragonlord Armour: Quest Armour obtained in Carrowmore Tunnels, Lvl 170 for full completion
Met- Meteor Armour: Quest Armor obtained in Stonevale, Lvl 105 for full completion
Frozen- Frozen Armour: Quest Armour obtained in Otherworld, Lvl 130 for full completion
Warden- Warden Armour: Quest Armour obtained in Stonevale, Lvl 80 for full completion
DG- Doch Gul Armour: Quest Armor obtained in Arcane Sanctum; Lvl 215 for full completion
DPS- Damage-per-second: Often refers to a toon’s ability to do damage, sometimes abbreviated as dmg (High DPS = High Damage, Low DPS = Low damage)
Aggro- Refers to a toon’s ability to hold the ‘attention’ of a mob. Use Taunt or Warcry to increase your aggro and prevent it from attacking others. Use distract/calm to lower your aggro and allow the mob to attack others
Tank- (typically) refers to a warrior’s ability to survive (usually with high HP) and hold the aggro (see above) to prevent the boss from attacking others
Adds- Refers to the mobs that typically surround the Main Boss
MT- Main Tank: Refers to the Tank that will be the focus of the Main Boss
OT- Offtank: Refers to the Tank that will be focus on tanking the Adds (see above)
HP- Health Points: Governs how much damage you can withstand before you die
Vit- Vitality: Stat Points that directly affects amount of Health Points a toon has
Def- Defence: Affects a toon’s chance to avoid Enemies auto- attacks(Not Skills though) Upgrade dexterity to increase your chance to avoid auto-attacks
Evade- Evasion: Refers to toon’s chance to avoid Enemies Skills (Not auto-attacks though) Upgrade abilities to increase your chance to evade skills
Lock- Once a mob has received enough damage from one group, it wil display a lock symbol and that group will receive all drops and items
KS- Kill steal: Refers to the action of locking a mob from someone and “stealing the drops.” Used especially when someone is leveling.
Walking/Kite/Kiting- Refers to the action of bolasing the boss/mob and moving away to keep it walking. Tanking method used especially with low druids.
MH- Main Hand: Refers to a toon’s main weapon (right weapon slot) consisting of Axes, Spears, Swords, etc
OH- Offhand: Refers to a toon’s secondary weapon(left weapon slot) consisting of either Shields or Damage Weapons
Av- Avoid: Occasionally used when a Skill missed and someone can shout ([skill] av)
Plat: Platnium: Refers to the currency used to purchase things from the Item Shop( Chests, Elixers, Ressurection Idols)
Lix- Elixer: Refers to the Elixers often obtained through the opening of Chests with Platnium. Different ones can boost XP, HP regen, Energy Regen, Movement Speed, Defence, etc.
XP-Experience Points-: Refers to the Experience Points obtained by killing mobs at/below your lvl. Use Elixers to boost the amount of experience points obtained from mobs
Gs-Giant Swing: Refers to the Warrior’s Skill Giant Swing; Deals Damage
Bash-Shield Bash: Refers to the Warrior’s Skill Shield Bash; Stuns the enemy for a few seconds; Must be equipped with shield
Gele- Gelebron; level 220 Boss located in Arcane Sanctum; Drops Pures and Confluxes used for upgrading EDL to DG(see above)
BT-Bloodthorn- Lvl 220 Boss located in Corrupted Gardens
CG- Corrupted Gardens: Refers to the new Corrupted Gardens area, Lvl 180 required
Mord- Mordris- Lvl 190 Dragon in Carrowmore Tunnels
Hrung- Hrungnir- Lvl 185 Hulk dude in Murky Vaults
Necro- Necromancer- Lvl 190 Necromancer in Murky Vaults
Prot- Proteus- Lvl 220 Sentinel dude in Arcane Sanctum; Can be either Base/Prime
Faction/Lich/Reaver: Refers to the Faction system in Corrupted Gardens, kill either Lich/Reaver to upgrade your faction
VR- Virtual Realms: Virtual Realms, based in Thailand, is the current developers of Celtic Heroes
OTM- One Thumb Mobile: Former developers of Celtic Heroes, formerly based in Scotland
CH- Celtic Heroes

Edit: Thought of a few more to add
Edit: Still added some more
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Re: Could someone explain some of the Warrior terms?

...Thought we were referring to mainly warrior terms, lol. Great list froze! One thing I might add is kite or kiting, which is referred to as walking in froze's list.

Kiting- walking a boss around whilst holding aggro (attention) of the boss. Usually done with bolas. Used when no druid is present or at raged, close range, melee bosses with ample room to actually walk the boss around.
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Re: Could someone explain some of the Warrior terms?

Looks pretty exhaustive, but here are a few more that came to mind:

Some people use some form of: MP/EP/E; energy, just like HP lol
most other stat abbreviations are relatively apparent, (att/str/dex)

There are also a myriad of shorthand words/abbreviations that are used during raids etc (there are variations and many many additional, but here's a few: )
R/rdy: ready, indicates/inquires the state of preparedness o the group/clan
rb/ra/ru: Run back/away, generally used to inform players of an upcoming AoE skill
Miss: a vital skill missed (may be accompanied with the name of the skill that was avoided), most often used for mobility limiting skills (bolas, bash, freeze, roots, skewer), or lures.

OOC: Out-Of Clan, OOG: Out-Of Group Ex: "who got lock?" "oog"

Edit: AoE: Area of Effect, skill that affects more than a single targeted player, can be radial (a circle of X distance around boss), and cone-shaped (the quadrant in front of the boss). Both radial and cone sizes can vary per boss.
DOT: Damage Over Time, skills that deal damage after initial hit for a certain number of ticks

Ticks: a CH quantum of time: 5 second increments. Many things rely on tick counters; for example there are many DOT skills that deal damage for a few ticks following the initial cast. Additionally, most regen is based of of ticks.
[Note: while regen skills (regenerate, bunny's skill) count ticks from cast time (regenerates every 5 seconds after casting until expires), passive regen and sigils count ticks off of the background server counter (hard to explain concisely, but basically sometimes when you kill a mob it takes less than a full tick to start regening after you are out of combat stance depending upon when the next server tick was).]
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