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Re: How good is the resist chaos ring for tanking?

With full edl, shield and eldritch boon the extra 100 resist and some hp does very little, but then so does the stats to any single tank ring when stacked on large defence and hp pool already. Chaos resist adds energy which could help save gold if you aren’t using bunny/knights helm. Overall it would be little difference but I think Lich ring would be better in general
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Re: How good is the resist chaos ring for tanking?

I would say it's not really that useful unless you don't have access to skain/gara rings or the new lich rings. The chaos resist would make little difference for bosses as edl shield didn't seem to make that big of a difference when I got it on my tank. Lich rings are the best rings in game for tanks, that I know of. Royal BT rings aren't that good and I haven't seen a imperial or godly yet to make a comparison. So to conclude, if your looking for a good tank ring pick up the T4 lich lux rings.
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