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Re: Frenzy

It does increase damage, I examined this by first hitting a mob then on a second mob with same level and star, I used frenzy, It does have changes on my damage. I didn't use any other skills, just used frenzy to know the difference of my auto attacks. But yeah you will see the difference as you level and you use better weapon,offhand and jewelries. But sometimes it really depends on who you are killing, either it's rocky or squishy. Just my thoughts.
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Re: Frenzy

Frenzy gives x% additional damage to ur melee attacks, the percentage is based on how much physical dmg u have. Assuming frenzy gives u 50%, and u have an axe mainhand with 50 slash and an offhand with 20 pierce, its total of 70 physical dmg and frenzy will give 35 dmg. Attack is different tho.

At lvl 50 and 2000+ str it reaches around 200% boost and 2k attack, and with 250 physical dmg for example u can start having 500 dmg boost.
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Re: Frenzy

Thefreeze wrote:Worth to keep at lower levels or should I put points in something else

It depends if you are struggling to survive. If you want to be more preservative on Restos then i would recommend prot stance at lower levels. At higher levels I would always recommend frenzy though
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