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Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

ik a solution for not getting killed in arena by a warrior call a friend honestly call a friend so he can kill that warrior. When your bossing shatter is great since it decreases armour on the boss. Do i thank you for faster boss kills? saying shatter is op is like saying expose weakness is op just ridiculous.
I loveyoubelow me :)

Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm just starting the game and am aiming to make a warr to farm and lvl solo for the most part.

My current stats at lvl 35 are:
I'm currently using a 2h axe.

From reading through this thread I'm currently working on increasing my vit and adding dex as I find I'm missing too much.

Currently my only leveled skill is pummel @ lvl 15 with a bunch of points sat around as I'm unsure what I'm really aiming for with a skill set. Is this a mistake with giant swing working off my weapon, or the fact I'm stuck with vendor weaps going to limit my benefit?

Should I be levelling frenzy to increase my damage output, or working on prot stance and focussing on levelling on melee mobs?

And my final question is should I be putting points into a heal? Either bandage wounds or recuperate? I find I spend a lot of time waitin for health regen, and will only be getting worse as my health pool increases, but can't afford a bunch of potions.

Thanks for any/all help, sorry to repeat old questions, just having a hard time equating all the advice in here to my personal case.

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