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Help a newbie

I have 33 level. It became difficult to play. What to improve? What skills does a warrior need? What to buy and because In general, what to do in the game if it's hard to complete quests ...

Class: Warrior
Nick: baah
Server: herne



Re: Help a newbie

I’ll do the best I can to answer...
I believe when I first started playing I had issues around that level, too. For skills, it depends on what type of warrior you want to be. I’m a dps, and have the skills Rupture, Shatter, Double Attack, Pummel, and Frenzy. I also have Bandage Wounds. I suggest not using Recuperate and Meditate. They’ve never really helped me and have been a waste of points. Giant Swing isn’t a great skill, either... it’s really slow and a lot of damage can be done by the mob you’re fighting in a short amount of time.
Dps warriors also have different stats... at your level I would advise putting a little into all your stats, since having a little of everything helps. But as you progress you will need to put more into Strength and Vitality.
For gear you might need some skill rings. They increase the level of your skills so they perform better. Later on you will replace these, but they sure help when at a lower level. And if you’re in a decent clan that stock up on drops, I highly suggest not buying any armor from the vendors... do the armor quests. They usually have better stats than vendor items.

I hope this helps... I’ll leave the tank talk to the professionals. I’m not quite as knowledgeable with tanks lol.

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