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200 gear

Curious as to what you guys think is the best for bossing and leveling 200+. I was thinking runic ammy, stargem str ammy, or a skain set but i may be completely off. What do you guys think? Same thing for rings braces and misc, which is better to use when you get to 200.

Re: 200 gear

I'm running a runic and for rings I'm gonna run prob 2 prot rings(if not a prot and a skain blade ring) then gonna probably get 2 Reavers t4 rings when I get faction past 2 xD if not then I'll just buy more skain/gele rings off someone or something but yeah its doing me justice rn, just need some braces

Re: 200 gear

For level 200 gear

Ammy: Runic
Charm: Skain/gara (Stormleaf for skain if possible and bladeleaf for gara)
Braces: Ideally you'd be running two mighty prot braces both either str/dex/attack or str/vit/attack but dmg/attack hippo braces are a nice backup. Can CD swap necro braces if you really want
Rings: Necro ability rings of your mainhand weapon are as good as it gets for lvl 200 but if you cant get those the lvl 200 valour rings are good too. Then you can hotswap prot/gele rings (again only mighty at 200)

This is more of a bossing build that will give you the most dps. Which is fine for leveling too but if you solo level maybe some items that give you more survivability could cheapen leveling for you.
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Re: 200 gear

i used the 200 shop axe, 200 haste dagger, runic ammy, 2 mighty havoc braces, 50 psn damage misc, 3 imperial fate rings and a mighty gele pummel ring to solo lix (also a lot of resto pots). this is an expensive option but is superrrr efficient per lix and the gear fares well at endgame bosses.

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