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Leveling Help

I'm trying to get back into this game, and I could use some help. I'm level 165, and this is my gear: dl gloves; ancient beast boots, hood, and legs; beast chest; ancient wyrm spear; bounty dagger; brightstone ammy and brace; 40 str and foc brace; 40 dmg charm; +4 and +3 ss ring; +5 riposte ring; and haste ring. Other gear I have that isn't equipped are +2 ss ring and +4 life steal ring. Current stats (including bonuses) are 426 str, 214 dex, 50 foc, 495 vit, 4575 hp (314 sigs), 588 energy (156 sigs), 2926 atk, 1475 dmg, 428 (1100 with reflex at 29/35) def, and 441 armor. I'd like suggestions on stat/skill point allocation, gear I should swap, and where to (solo) level. Thanks!
Level 172 Rogue

Re: Leveling Help

I see, you use Redrogue spear build. If you want to use it, then use spear. Later change to mordy spear (lvl 180). If u get mordy spear u need change stat.
If you switch to dagger, then u need change ur stat.

I used Redrogue spear build, but I switch to dex build, because spear build was slower xp collecting with lix. IMO.
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