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Best rogue guide 1-230

Hey i am a level 32 rogue , my ingame name is dogam on danu.

Skills you will need to use are
Sneaky attack
Poison wep
Bandage wounds or lifesteal
Meditate ( very useful )
Use these skills until lvl 220

221-230 skills
Sneaky attack
Bandage wounds
Posion wep
Smokebomb ( very useful )

(Places to level)

Level 1-20 lirs reach
Level 21-30 catacombs
Level 31-40 shalemont
Level 41-80 stonevale
Level 80-130 otherworld
Level 130-185 carrowmoetunnels
Level 185-230 i forgot what maps are called

Some examples of what your build should look like and a picture of my gold.
Admin please sticky this guide, it is very helpful to the low levels. Thank you. Hope you liked my guide.
My best friend
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Stats and my gold to show off :) lol
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