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Rogue offhand

Can someone explain which is better.. Lvl 200 rogue rondel or lvl 150 offhand axe
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Re: Rogue offhand

Depends what your killing, anything with chaos aura, use dl rondel for its divine dmg and skill. Anything without the aura use lux offhand, since the divine dmg from rondel doesnt affect non chaos mobs.
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Re: Rogue offhand

KiyKiy wrote:He means the 200 vendor rondel. I would stick with the axe. More str for skill boost

Ohhh didnt see that, ty. Yes stick with axe, pierce dmg most resisted dmg in game and str bonus better.
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Yes, I seem to be back again.

Re: Rogue offhand

brian777 wrote:pierce dmg most resisted dmg in game

Sorry, where did you get this information?

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Re: Rogue offhand

Dagger, not only does it have poison damage (which sadly mobs in tower have resistance to now) it also has a lot of pierce which is multiplied with your strength almost as if the pierce was just on your mainhand.
Edit: thought you meant the new offhand lux dagger when it's released.
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Re: Rogue offhand

I would not buy the lvl 200 rondel offhand from the 200 merchant, but rather wait for the 200 lux vendor and either buy the new dagger or axe offhand. Both are very good replacements for the 150 axe offhand.
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