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let me know what u think!

Guys I would like some feed back on my lvl 105 rogue.
Full metioric, but still trying to get the jerkin because mind tabs of obsidian is hard to get. In using a topaz jerkin and heroic gloves of haste( switching out when I get metioric jerkin.)
Weapon And offhand:
Weapon: metioric dagger
Offhand: freezing Axe of triumph
Ammy: talisman of the earth
Charm:none. Please comment what u think I should get.
Bracket: 10 HP regain one. I got no other braclet.
Rings: all skill boost rings, with one Dex 20 plus ring.
Strength: 230(350)
Dex: 250(270) wish
Vit: 150 ish
Shadow strike 28/25
Riposte 30/25
Quick strike 28/25
Life steal 25/25
Fast reflex 9/25

Please let me know what u think and what u think I should add.

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