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Re: Assassin build ( experimental

undertaker199 wrote:Here is another version of a deadly assassin build!!!!
Maxed quickstrike , maxed assassinate, maxed double attack , hide ,and life steal if u wish to survive a bit
3of these skills r strengh based , and two of em r dex based, so i suggest the following build :
U ll go with a ratio of 3:2 (STR/dex) in one lvl and 5 vit in the next lvl
2-(3str /2 dex)
3-(5 vit)
4-(3 STR/2dex)
Waddya think about it?

HIdes pointless as you arent using sneaky

Re: Assassin build ( experimental

DeafeningSilence wrote:My idea of an assassin build is just maxed sneaky, assassinate, qs, and riposte with extras in rend. Stats would be vit is 2x your lvl and everything else in str.

sneaky is useless when it comes to tackle rangers without hide, and dex is a must for all rogues no?
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Re: Assassin build ( experimental

pigman wrote:
Criminal wrote:Nothing is a must, except qs and ss, they're too good.

I dropped ss because it hinders my dps on necro

Thats true, end-game bosses wise its not as strong due movement evasion and full immune to poison, but its really useful to worlds who have big competition on DL bosses locks, so ss is still a must there.
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