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Good not super expensive low lvl non plat buying guid

First you want to follow the main quest and get your first set of armour and dagger. Find a good clan that will help you get good gear, skills and eventually warden armour. Skills you'll want to upgrade are Quike Strike, Fast Reflexes and get Ripost ASAP. U can usually get it for maybe 4k or maybe for free from ur clan. Get as much free jewelry from ur clan as possible but NEVER EVER BEG, u need to get help from people but show yourself capable otherwise you will have a bad rep and people won't like you. If you can also get life steal at low level AWESOME you can upgrade it instead of using another dmg skill like sneaky. Sadly their aren't any other Rogue skills their aren't ristrictions on to cast (sneaky only with dagger and when ur not being targeted by mobs, and assassinate only when their helth is down to 30%) Life Steal can be expensive so you can't usually get it at low lvl. While your doing the starters quest make sure you can kill all the mobs withought help ( Like havgard and Manus) When you have 475g get the offhand dagger from dustwister. When you get to lvl 25 you should have or be able to finish the starters quest and get the quest from hight Druid connatch Evil in dustwister I think and when u kill the bosses you get a free alt book you can use when you eventually get ss or Life Steal. Eventually a very good skill set is to have SS maxed QS maxed Ripost maxed and either Reflexes or Life Steal maxed and rest in ur other skill. Also the bosses their drop tanned Darkrun, Woven Silverleaf and other armour. A better version of the armour in Fracage castle. After that if your dagger is worse than the squirmishers upgrade or if u can get the one that drops from the rogue boss in shalemont. Keep doing the quests don't move to another area before you can kill all the mobs the quest tells you to withought help. Spend your gold wisely and when you get to stone vale ( around lvl 50) get a tusk dagger from the mobs by the north road ley stone. Hope this will help. PS this is a non plat buying build all the items I listed are obtainable withought to much gold (Life Steal may be a little hard to get.) Pls feel free to post any CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISME!

Re: Good not super expensive low lvl non plat buying guid

ShannonFromLugh wrote:
yuan207 wrote:after I read so many guide and i think this is a very good guide for me although theres not so many people read it.

Im a rogue lv59 and without any skill like SS, ripost... where and what mobs drop these skillbook and can I beat them?

I got my SS from murky vaults, level 85 4* lizards.

I got mine from lvl 60 hawk guys...
Your arguement is invalid.

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