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need some help!

hey everyone im a lvl 164 rogue.Anyone got some advice to lvl good in group with another rogue!
got 820 stat pionts to spend (got 180 strenght and 50 vit bonus) this is my gear
dl gloves and boots rest ancien beastbone
ancien wyrmdagger and axe of ...( the lvl 150 one)
talisman of earth, greater char of quickstrike, bracelet of spirits and energy brace 10 regen, haste ring, ring of war, grand shadowstrike and and royal ripost.
thank you for helping me!

Re: need some help!

Lvl with a warrior. Let them take the hits :p
3000-3500 health.
I used 200 dex as a leveling build and rest in strength.
Or be a twat and steal everyone's mobs by running round with riposite (i did this in the cave)
Lvl on troll road or hit the various pits down deep ley.
Tbh regens you don't really need. Max up with charms. Aggy braces and skill rings.
If you struggle with regen use bounty dagger till your 190 then switch to an axe
Or rock talisman of stars and an axe, or dagger of bounty and anhilation ammy
224- Rogue
206- Druid
200- Rogue
197- Warrior

Re: need some help!

warriors' shatter imo makes the rogues' dps much higher, when im lvling with other rogues and we're both on same mob, they'll most likely get the kill, while if i try to see when both on diff mobs (ofc same one same *) i usually kill faster

u could also get a dps mage with assassins lure
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