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Dagger of Slaying or Axe?

I know this has been asked many times but what is better? Note i only have hero rejuv for regen. I plan to be dex build but may rebirth every so often. Mainly for bosses and solo lvl

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Re: Dagger of Slaying or Axe?

I will try to give you a good option however Imo I say dagger of slaying because the only regen you have so far is a ammy and the dagger regens 20 per tick? I'm pretty sure haven't played in a bit. plus since you want to have a dex build I say dagger. the axe is mostly for like a str build and the question is? do you REALLY need a regen? if you do then I say dagger of slaying and how often do you do bosses? and solo? I see a lot of rogues using dagger of slaying.. anyway Hoped this helped ;)
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