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Elixer training?

My rogue has no problems fighting... he is a decent fighter... but when I use to many ellipses. .. it makes me sound... offtopic...
So when I am on an elixer I rarely die but I very rarely get a good amount of xp per combo. It takes 4 combos per level atm!!! I don't have the funds to keep that up. What do I do? Get an offgroup? Build problem? Awnsers deeply appreciated l.
I see rogues getting like 102-115 in maybe an hour or slightly more.
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Re: Elixer training?

im a mage but im gonna take a shot at this. since you dont die im thinking you may have too much vit. try putting points in strength and gearing up for maximum dps. your goal is to kill as many mobs as quickly as possible within the 15 minute time frame. remember, a super combo is like every super combo merged into one. you will get added regen, armor, xp, etc while on it. my point is you shouldnt worry about regen gear while using a combo or heroic gloves/haste ring for that matter. strictly damage gear. and i do believe that leveling from 102-115 would take quite a bit longer than an hour. at 102 i was using 2 super knowledges per level and toward 115 around 3 per level.

Re: Elixer training?

From what I've heard, 110-120 is generally a crappy levelling area.
And you probably should poke around in the rogue sticky sections-maybe there is something that will help you out.


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