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want something for hide

im thinking about maxing hide (25 pts) and i have 4 skills makes. i have sneaky, shadow strike, fast reflex and riposte maxed. or should i save up for a camo staff or is it better with both. either way im tired of lvl 120 guys killing me on way to boss. need help plz!!!

Re: want something for hide

Id max hide, you could get anywhere with it

But imo try to get at least +4 in hide ( i.e one grand ring, a glass and a fabled ring, a crystal and fabled which gives even more, or 4 glass hide rings
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Re: want something for hide

Idk i love hide it works well for me. Since im not very rich i dont have an opportunity to spend heaps of cash on idols or invis pots( and i have to run to bosses a lot every day) . But i have a royal ring of hide aswell so i dont have to max the skill while i can hide up to lvl 185 (and dont need more than that)
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