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Update 4: Rogue Poisoner (mid lvl Build Guide)

The Rogue Poisoner
by RedRouge

The Rogue Poisoner is a mid lvl build guide (lvl 132) based off of the OW Oynx/Obsidian poison armour.

Why does your Poisoner Rogue need to be level 132?
Because the build requires the Oynx/Obsidian Armour Quest in which the Jerkin (chest armour) is only achievable at level 132. But that doesnt mean you should start getting your gear at 132. If you're interested in being a Poisoner you should definitely start thinking about this build by the time you're lvl 100. Also not obtaining the upgraded Oynx to Obsidian, will stunt this build significantly when it comes to DPS.

The Poisoner: is basically a build for faster type weapons, eg. Cruel Knife, Knuckle Blades, Frozen Dagger. Anything under 1900 speed is preferable. Trying to use the Dps of Obsidian armour to it's fullest.

Any class at level 120 can acquire the Oynx/Obsidian armour quest, where as the rogue upgraded quest armour gives 100 poison damage when fully suited. This is the main reason I came up with this build, because any rogue can do it. You don't need tons of plat, or be a part of the top clans. You don't even need any gold to get the armour... but what you do need is a bit of time and patience collecting all the Summoner Runes. Also an added bonus of lvling while collecting Runes starting at lvl 115 on the bridge... is like killing 2 birds with one stone.

The Poisoner can be tailored to be more of a DPS all rounder, or you can tune it towards a strict DPS build if you wanted. Unlike the EarthStone suits ( which restricted you to pure DPS), Obsidian actually has armour, and resists to elements and bonuses to defence. Besides, this build is tremendous fun, especially when Hasted with a Cruel Knife.

The Build

For the Poisoner, I would suggest a Dex build. Mainly because the the pierce damage I've suggested for the main hands are quite low, so it won't optimize points put into Str. *Exception being the Frozen Dagger. (see below Main Hand) Also Dex's main benifits are a higher hit percentage, with an added defence bonus. Making it ideal for this build.

Here's an example of what your build might look like at lvl 132

STR 50-100
DEX 250-300
FOC 10-50
VIT 320+

Skills to choose from as a DPS-ingroups or a DPS solo-er.
First choice, or must **
recommendation *
to consider +

DPS Poisoner
**Shadow Strike MAX
**Poison Weapon 25-30
*Distract 5-10
+Sneaky Attack>Quick Strike>Rend>Smoke Bomb

Solo Poisoner
**Shadow Strike MAX
**Riposte MAX
*Fast reflex 25-30
+Lifesteal 25-30
+Poison Weapon 25-30
+Sneaky Attack>Quick>Rend

things to consider if....

*Knuckle Blades, Rend could replace Sneaky, although Quick Strike is a "hand to hand" skill and should also be reconsidered to your main roster.

*Very high Dex; smoke bombs- should only be consider if you want to help people out in group to have better overall DPS.

*Solo, consider putting more points into Vit, instead of other stats. Remember as a soloer above all else you want to survive.


first choice or must haves(**)
other recommendations(*)


**Obsidian Armour, upgraded Oynx quest based armour obtained in OW.
* EarthStone BP and Greeves Greater or Radiant only. Obsidian is better than Lesser ES. (this armour is very Rare: No longer Drops)

Main Hand:
**Cruel Knife pierce 8 speed 1471 (you must give this a try! Found in the depths of death caress leystone)

*Topaz/Opal/Adamant Knuckle Blades

lvl Req:====80========100======120============

if you're only going to get one Knuckle Blade, go for the Opal... it's the best Value

*Frozen Dagger pierce 65 , speed 1900, attack & energy +60, 5% procs divine strike (not a must due to it being harder to obtain if you don't have the backing of a decent clan)
-Meteor Dagger is on the slow side so not recommended

**Axe of Triumph 250 element damage, 200 element resist, 200 attack, 120 str (100 Lux shop)
* Dagger of slaying piercing 25, poison 60, attack 200 (100 Lux shop)
*Golden Blades 200 elemental damage +150 resist +75str (the Scavenger, OW)
*Golden Venom dagger piercing 20, poison 30, attack 100 health 75, energy 75 (the Scavenger, OW)

**Talisman of Slaying Heat damage + 70, attack 60, 100 health/energy (100 Lux shop)
*EarthStone Blackthorne necklace Ranging from heat damage +30-50, magic damage +30-50, Physical & Spell Evades +60-120 (Rare: no longer drops)
*Amethyst Amulet of the Pyre Heat damage +75, cunning + 100, attack +50 lvl req 130 (Rare boss: drop)
*Mighty Amulet of Knives +15 pierce, +50 health, + 50 energy (Rare Boss: drop)

**Bracelet of Spirits 15 regen +75 to resists elements, 100 energy (100 Lux shop. is a must because I believe you need at least one item that regens energy, and the wrists being the spot with the least amount of dps for lvl 132.)
*DPS bracelet 5+ damage physical or poison 8+
*Poisoner's Bracelet of Daggers/Dex/Str, poison weapon +5, cunning +250, Dex/Str +75 (Aggy drop)
*Shadow Bracelet of Daggers/Str/Dex, Fast Reflexes +5, dagger/cunning +250, Str/Dex+75 (Aggy drop)
*Reaper Bravelet of Daggers/Str/Dex, Rend +5, dagger/cunning +250, Str/Dex +75 (Aggy drop)
*imperial/Godly Wyvern bracelets +20/25 to 3 stats (Wyverns in OW drop)

**DPS Sunlit charm, ranging from 10-50 damage, 50 being lvl req of 125. Preferably a Venom Charm. (2013 Summer event-dragon drops)
*Sunlit skill charms, Quick Strike, and Sneaky Attack adds bonus damage to skill attacks. (2013 Summer event-dragon drops)

**Ring of Haste 30% haste, 100 health, 30 str (100 Lux shop)
**DPS rings preferably 20+ (lvl req 120, dropped by Obelisk 10-15-20-25-30-35 and Aggy drops 40-45-50)
*Dragon Skill Rings (sneaky attack, quick strike, 6-10+ (dropped by Aggy)
*Royal/Grand skill rings of skills below (dropped by various 5-6* star bosses in OW, and new update 4 areas)
*Ring of Spirits 10 energy regen, energy + 100(100 Lux shop)

*Helm of the Veteran, 70 element damage, armour 10, attack 200
for more strict DPS builds consider swapping out the Obsidian Cowl.

Obsidian Armour Stats

Full Obsidian = 100 poison damage

Jerkin (chest) Poison damage :35
Armour: 118
Resist Elemental: 125
Defence: 105

Breeches (legs) Poison damage :28
Resist Elemental: 100

Cowl (head) Poison damage :17
Resist Elemental: 61

Footguards Poison damage :12
Resist Elemental: 43

Handwraps Poison damage :8
Resist Elemental: 28

Onyx/Obsidian Quest.

You can start the Quest for the poison dps armour as soon as you reach lvl 120. The quest NPC is located near the bridge by the Fortress Outskirts Leystone in OW. He tells you to collect Summoning Runes off the Blackstone Cabal in the area. There are 5 different types of runes that drop, each coresponding to a certain piece of armour. All Blackstones Drop Runes! Although the higher the level and the more stars the mob has, the greater the frequency of drops, with a higher rate of the rarer runes dropping.

Onyx/Obsidian armour requirement

lvl 120 minor rune-handwraps: 5 Onyx, 10 Obsidian
lvl 123 lesser rune-footguards: 5 Onyx, 10 Obsidian
lvl 126 common rune-cowl: 5 Onyx, 10 Obsidian
lvl 129 greater rune-breeches: 5 Onyx, 10 Obsidian
lvl 132 grand rune-jerkin: 5 Onyx, 10 Obsidian

You can immediately upgrade the Onyx armour to Obsidian if you have the extra 10 summoning runes.
All runes are rare drops! But don't get too discouraged, with a little patience you can get 15 of each type.


RedRouge signing off...
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Re: Update 4: Rogue Poisoner (mid lvl Build Guide)

I have thought about doing this but seeing it put to life made it look 100x better!
I think this is such a nice build format. Easy to read and flows.
Good job.

Lol I have to read this again!!
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:D :D :mrgreen: Thank You for the Snorri Patch! :mrgreen: :D :D

Re: Update 4: Rogue Poisoner (mid lvl Build Guide)

Very nice, the only part i have a small problem with is the dps builds' skills. Sneaky over qs? If youre gonna be doing alot of bossing, then sneak wont do much in terms of maxing out your dps because its all converted into pierce damage, doesnt utilize the poison, and interrupts auto.

qs, on the other hand, is free damage, and lets your poison continue to bring down the boss without interruption
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Re: Update 4: Rogue Poisoner (mid lvl Build Guide)

killstealer wrote:If I were to no Lix level from 120-130/131 do you guys think i would have 15 runes of each type? Or would I have to buy some of them? Basically do the runes drop often?

Not too often i usually get 1-2 runes per lix at level 133!
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Re: Update 4: Rogue Poisoner (mid lvl Build Guide)

Alaratos wrote:Very nice, the only part i have a small problem with is the dps builds' skills. Sneaky over qs? If youre gonna be doing alot of bossing, then sneak wont do much in terms of maxing out your dps because its all converted into pierce damage, doesnt utilize the poison, and interrupts auto.

qs, on the other hand, is free damage, and lets your poison continue to bring down the boss without interruption

You'll have no arguments from me.. all your points are valid. I labelled those skills as a "consider" choices, due to player's preferences, and neither of the skills will make or break the build if you choose one or the other.

The reason I choose Sneaky over QS is the fact that Sneaky more so than QS will win you target locks. It'll usually take 3, sometimes 4, QS to over take 1 Sneaky, and that's if you don't get evaded. Sneaky is guaranteed damage as long as you're not targeted.

But yes you're right, if it's strictly dps output you're looking at from a longer fight, QS wins hands down.

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