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Re: Need help with stats!!

It's very hard to solo as a rogue in the later levels. You'll either need an offgroup druid/ a training partner. Without these, at 160+ish, you have to hallway train. For now, I would recommend you train with a dps druid/ a warrior that knows what the taunt skill is. If you get any of these, you could drop some of your vit points and put them into str. Keep dex as it will help you avoid hits, and increases your chance of hitting

Pm me for more info if you need it
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Re: Need help with stats!!

wow what happened to rogue in this thread? dex is crap?

dex is the stat for solo, lifesteal + fast reflexes, both soloing skills, both dex based (and yes dex adds a lot)
shadowstrike, the best rogue skill, instant casting and poison dmg, dex based, for me its the best skill ive ever had as a lvl 105 rogue (and i have royal ring of sneaky which i dont use), mobs around this lvl with good enough shadowstrike are close to half dead

i would mix str and dex according to this:

if u got 2 dex skills, 2 str skills, and extra dex skill, dex will be higher
if u got 2 dex skills, 2 str skills, and extra str skill, str will be higher

and ofc vit is higher than both
focus - depends on ur gear
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Re: Need help with stats!!

I have this experimental Solid build I've been trying to work on, try it if you like! :D

This build works best on EXACTLY lvl 100, for trolling ur fellow players in duels, and for the lux stuff to have the dazzling stunning effect. (like wearing all those OW luxes when ur EXACTLY lvl 50 in v3)

Stats: everything in vit :twisted:
Skills: Riposite, poison weap, shadowstrike, quick, hovering around double/sneak/assass/rend/life steal for third (might as well choose double b/c pvp lol)

Elemental axe (for str bonus and dmg) from lux, opal armor (for str and dex bonus), elemental helm (dmg) from lux, haste ring (for str bonus) from lux, swift ring (for dex bonus) from lux, str/dex bonus lux rings (for stat bonus, I'd buy all str, dex doesn't have a whole lot of use) from lux, heat dmg amulet from lux, elemental resis bracs from lux.

Additional stuff: SIGILS!!! Got zero regen here lol.

You should have

Insane amount of hp for a rogue
Sufficient energy to obliterate ur enemy
Str on sweet spot area for auto dmg(200-300)
Dex on sweet spot area for skills (50-100)
Enough resist for fellow casters to gape their mouth open in shock :o :shock:
Good dps
Invincible pvp rating, and lots of ppl who would reject ur duels everytime you asked them for one :roll:

Trademark copyright 2013, Solid build (c) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

VERY expensive and insane build, you have been warned...have fun! :D

*IMPORTANT WARNING*: This is an EXPERIMENTAL build that has not yet being confirmed, I will not be held responisble for anything ranging from a heap of wasted gold to a pathetic pvp rating, you hereby agree by this when your build resembles 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of this build.
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Re: Need help with stats!!

Depends really i mean im a level 127 rogue i have stats at
Str 405
Dex 30
Foc 10
Vit 215
It gives me a solid 1.8k hp good enough for levelling my strength gives me plenty of damage in the skills i use and i have a damage of 760 my skills max hits according to otm's skills bases are
quick strike 1949 at 39/30
sneaky 3492 30/30
assassinate 4570 30/30
And riposte 1780 30/30
Gives me plenty of damage can sooo basic noob bosses like stonefang and bonehead with like 4-5 restos hope this helps at later level :)
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Re: Need help with stats!!

i still dont really get this
8 lvls above my rogue, but every stat of my rogue is higher, except attack

i suggest high enough vit, and dex str do like this

if using 2 dex skills, 2 str skills, extra str, 3:2 str-dex ratio
if using 2 dex skills, 2 str skills, extra dex, 2:3 str-dex ratio
if using 2 dex skills, 2 str skills, a skill that doesnt affect either (if u like hide that much for example), half and half

could split the pts either way, i just find that one better, untill str hit 300 including gear
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