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Rogues guide to solo level + max xp

I have been testing different ways or if possible to lix solo on firbolgs. This guide is for 150+ but can be used for lower levels
The skills you will need: Life steal, fast reflexes
Recommended extra skills: Riposte, sneaky attack and if no sigils bandage wounds
Highly recommended items: Camo charm and life steal rings (a couple of restores in case you need them but I only use 2-3 a lix so its not expensive)
I have personally used this way to level and got 11% a lix.
Also you MUST SUPERCOMBO or this will not work and u wont heal enough because the supercombo boosts your attack speed, running speed, defence, attack, armor, and much more but its all needed.
You will need alot of dex like I have 300+ dex with reflexes on a supercombo will boost your defence to 2000+ and provide around 600+ armor.
When you start your supercombo only kill 1*-3* mobs because 4* specials do too much damage to recover from before killing it. When I did this my defence at 2600 allowed me to dodge 70-80% of the autos. The 20-30% when you get hit use life steal to recover your health. 44/35 lifesteal with 300 dex can give you up too 950 health when cast.

If you can duel device with a level 60+ mage that has maxed lure of assassins and fire have it help you for up to 15% xp a combo.
If you duel device with a mage and have 1-2 friends out of group damaging after you get the target lock will get you possibly over 20% a combo!

I hope this is of use to any of you :D
P.S. I thought of this once but didn't dare to try it in case it was expensive on the restore part but when I meant to set off a balloon I accidentally hit a super-combo lol
P.S. #2 DO NOT try this on a regular lix because it does not work it will hurt your wallet!
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Re: Rogues guide to solo level + max xp

I suggest you switch sneaky with shadow and solo is alone and even though it was a small note and you meant out of group when dual deviced but, it is more productive to level both in unison rather than seperate as it may get more exp per one but you need to add more time when leveling your mage
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Re: Rogues guide to solo level + max xp

Did u say to use BANDAGE WOUNDS!!! No rogue should ever use that, all they need is lifesteal. Sorta understand how u may want to use it as your lifesteal is low. ( ima lvl 122 and can lifesteal 1276 ) and 1 other question how come u didnt include shadowstrike in your guide.
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Re: Rogues guide to solo level + max xp

Ninjasarethebest wrote:
Bank of Mad wrote:Did u say to use BANDAGE WOUNDS!!! No rogue should ever use that, all they need is lifesteal.

he said if you have NO sigils...you might wanna use bandage wounds

I wouldn't recommend it for rouges. Unless you're like some no lux str build lol
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