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Lvl 1-124 UPDATED and finished levelling guide for rogue!

Yes yes, do the starter quest until it dumps you at level 18.

Kill acolytes, penitents, and zealots in dustwither catacombs. This should take about a half an hour.

Do the shalemont quests, and if you're lucky, you'll have a clan to help.
**At the sneaker stage, this takes a while, because they don't spawn a lot.**

At this point, you should have done the starting key piece quests. Work on killing vanguards, skirmishers, and captains. Also, continue doing the shalemont quest, you should be at ranger darrion stage.

Bear with me, this is tough. You're going to want to completely finish the shalemont quest. At this point, you'll want to start killing swordmasters, fencers, and duellists, along with the occasional warhorses :)

Killing warhorses until 51, start working on ironclads, defenders, and warmages. Avoid 4* mobs at ALL times.

Kill no boars, but all red wisps, do the fairy quests, hopefully you will get a snowflake ring for leveling on blue wisps.

You can kill 4* mobs now. As I said before, hopefully get a snowflake ring, which helps resist blue wisps. Kill blue wisps until L70.

You should be lvling by falg and dr by now. Depending on your server, these mobs give good exp but a lot of people try to farm them as well as lvl on them, too.

Continue killing things in the bloodgrove.

Start killing red eyes around the gate.

Begin to kill red eyes around bubulus spawn.

Kill green eyes...
Through the 'eyes' stages you won't see a lot of detail.

kill purple eyes

kill zombies, same as 100-104.

Kill coppinger guards, north of lower cistern leystone.

Kill red spiders northeast of shrouded span leystone.

Kill green ghosts, should also help with gold.

Kill brown trees, should definitely be lixing after 110

Kill lvl 120 bogs, 125 too if necessary.

Try to stay consistent with lvl 125 boggans.

And it might be considered to go with a druid for survival after lvl 100.
Use restoes when soloing.
Guide officially done. (Do not post saying post a build or stats or whatever. As you'll see in the title, it's a lvling guide.)
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Re: Lvl 1-65 UPDATED levelling guide for rogue!

Great guide, except where you said that levels 18-20 take about an hour, its actually much shorter than that, should be half hour maximum, and it's a lot easier if you grab a few friends and group train :) People pop up all over the place in there

Oh yes, and the ternstone quest is a whole lot tougher than sneakers, you forgot to include that

Re: Lvl 1-65 UPDATED levelling guide for rogue!

TinyRanger wrote:Around lv 68, start killing bloodgrove druids, til 75, then go to OW and kill eyes til, 90, I guess? Then do rest of bosses in OW in order. I think thats best from where you stopped. :)

Actually Tiny, since I have just passed this leveling stage, u can actually tackle the bloodgrove mobs until level 80, at this stage they drop from lets say around 800 to 3000 depending on if u group or solo.
After level 80 just farm on all the eyes. Its boring but worth it :D
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